About Us

970 Lax was started by Coach Dom Alfieri in 2019 and was shortly after combined with the Havoc Girls Lacrosse Club. The intent was to have the first Spring Season for the Organization be during the Spring of 2020 however, due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic, the true start of the Organization was pushed back to having its first Spring Season in 2021.

Our Mission: 

970 Lax is looking to grow the game of Lacrosse in Northern Colorado with the intent of creating internal Leagues that will play in Northern Colorado and club programs that can compete with the Denver Clubs.

Our mission is to promote the game of lacrosse by providing our youth lacrosse players with an environment that teaches skills, encourages team play, promotes good sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle, regardless of ability.

We will also focus on community outreach to help build character and integrity in our youth players.

Our leaders at 970 Lax are highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to spreading our love of lacrosse to the youth in Northern Colorado. Working as a team to promote the game and develop youth players is our top priority. We will continue to teach sportsmanship, character building, and team play along with healthy competition, and a focus on community outreach and service.

If you ever have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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