Upcoming In-N-Out Book To Reveal

Your favorite In-N-Out food is probably easy to name. If you have one nearby, you can also tell us where it is and when it's crowded.

But we'll wager you an order of animal-style fries that you don't know this burger brand's history and its famed dish.

Fans will finally learn everything about the chain in a future book. "The Ins-N-Outs of In-N-Out Burger: The Inside Story of California's First Drive-

Through and How it Became a Beloved Cultural Icon," scheduled for October 17, is the "official story" of the chain's spectacular rise and enduring appeal.

"I am so excited about announcing the release of the In-N-Out book," posted author Lynsi Snyder on Instagram.

Snyder became business president in 2010. After her father and uncle, the sons of Harry and Esther, died in 2017, she took over.

In 1948, they founded In-N-Out in Baldwin Park, California. Since taking over, the youngest Snyder has opened stores in Colorado, Oregon, and Texas.

Snyder "collaborated with several retired In-N-Out family members to share stories that happened during the 75 years of our special company" 

One social media user wrote, "Love this!! We read the unofficial one but are forward to hear yours! 20 years employed feels like family!"

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