Travis Scott’s ‘Utopia’ Album: All 19 Songs Ranked

Travis Scott's Utopia is one of the most anticipated albums of the 2020s, even as hip-hop's 50th anniversary has revived vintage rap expertise.

Five years ago, Astroworld's dreamy and psychedelic atmosphere brought listeners to a new planet where John Mayer

By 2020, Scott's passionate fans, headed by those who explored Astroworld's alien dimension during lockdown, were at a fever pitch.

After the November disaster at Scott's Astroworld music festival, Utopia collapsed, and the Houston rapper's future was unknown.

After many teasers, Utopia debuted last Friday (July 28) with "K-Pop," a summery groove. Bad Bunny and The Weeknd will rule mainstream radio

yet the track was light considering Utopia's somber vibe. While Scott's intricate backdrops are some of his best, certain tracks hit harder than others.

Playboi Carti's marble-mouthed flow feels slightly out of place on Utopia, and "Fe!n"'s shallow drug-fueled subject matter sounds like a Whole

Lotta Red B-side rather than Travis Scott's dystopian vision. "Fe!n" sounds like a track made for Carti's similarly fanatical fans.

By Utopia's 11th track, Travis had discussed mortality with Bon Iver and Sampha ("MY EYES") and paranoia with Beyoncé ("DELRESTO").

"Sicko Mode" was a 2018 phenomenon. The song's fast rhythm shifts allowed each producer to breathe while Drizzy and Trav dodged potholes with their clever lyrics.

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