Top 12 Bob Hair Styles for Women Over 50+

Classic Bob: 

The classic bob is a sleek, straight cut that ends at the chin or just below.

Layered Bob 

Layer your bob haircut for texture and movement. Layered bobs enhance volume and eliminate bulk.

Long Bob: 

The lob is a shoulder-length bob. It's adaptable and modern for over-50 women.

Bob Angled: 

A-line bobs have a longer front and shorter back. It elongates the neck and adds sophistication.

Bob inverted: 

The inverted bob's back layers add volume. This style adds youthfulness.

Shaggy Bob: 

The shaggy bob is elegant and easygoing with textured layers and a disheveled look.

Curly Bob 

A curly bob showcases natural curls. Curly bobs look great with less styling.

Blunt Bob:

The blunt bob is elegant and even-cut. A confident hairdo.

Choppy Bob: 

Choppy bob layers are stylish and edgy. Choppy bobs give hair movement and dimension.

Bangs Bob: 

For a young, face-framing bob, add bangs. Bangs soften your features and refresh your bob.

Textured Bob: 

Razor-cut or texturize your bob haircut. Textured bobs are fun and current.

Silver Bob 

A beautiful silver bob showcases your natural silver or gray hair. It's classy.

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