Starbucks' Weirdest New Drinks Are Out Today

Starbucks' latest coffee brand, Oleato, may be its oddest ever. Starbucks is launching its olive oil-infused coffee drinks in the US today after debuting

While the combination may sound odd, former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz, who just left the firm, says he was inspired for the Oleato brand 

while touring in Sicily. Schultz enjoyed a teaspoon of olive oil with his morning coffee in the Mediterranean. This led him to try the two 

together, and he loved the "unexpected, velvety, buttery flavor that enhanced the coffee and lingers beautifully on the palate."

Starbucks announced that its Reserve Roasteries in Chicago, Seattle, and New York will launch the Oleato range. On March 23, the new Starbucks 

Reserve Empire State Building store, the original Starbucks store in Seattle's Pike Place Market, and the Starbucks Reserve stores in SoDo 

The March 23 debut features olive oil-infused caffè lattes, iced cortados, espresso martinis, and cold brews with Golden Foam.

Oleato beverages will be added at 75 Seattle-area Starbucks and 475 Los Angeles-area Starbucks on March 27. These sites will provide cold brews, 

iced shaken espressos, and infused lattes. This means many Americans will finally get to try the new coffees, which have received both positive 

Even American consumers who haven't tried Oleato drinks are divided. When Starbucks unveiled the Oleato line, some fans were excited to sample the coffees

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