How To Make Your Feet Soft

Soak your feet:

 Soak your feet in warm water for about 10-15 minutes. To enhance the experience, add a few drops of essential oil


After soaking, exfoliate rough places on your feet using a foot scrub or pumice stone. Dead skin cells on the heels


After exfoliating, rinse your feet and dry them with a soft cloth. Apply a heavy moisturizer or foot cream to dry and cracked areas of your feet. 


Put on clean cotton socks after applying moisturizer to help trap moisture. This will help the cream absorb into your skin and moisturise your feet.

Internal hydration:

To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration keeps feet and skin supple and healthy.

Clipping nails:

To avoid ingrown nails and pain, trim your toenails straight across. Smooth and clean the edges with a nail file.

moisture minimum

Before putting on shoes or socks, ensure sure your feet are completely dry.

Wear shoes

 Choose breathable shoes that fit comfortably. Calluses and corns can form in high heels and tight shoes.

Take a rest:

Take as many rests as you can to rest your feet. Elevate your feet to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

personal hygiene: 

Wash your feet every day with warm water and mild soap. Dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes

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