10 Amazing Choppy Pixie Cuts Women Over 60

Bangs-Choppy Pixie: 

Choppy bangs on a pixie cut frame the face and add fun.

Choppy Pixie: 

Layers give your pixie cut depth and dimension. To look classy, style the layers.

Choppy Pixie: 

Spiky choppy pixie cuts are daring and edgy. This style gives you personality.

Choppy Pixie: 

Elegantly sweep hair to one side. A side-swept choppy pixie adds femininity.

Choppy Pixie: 

Choose side-swept or face-framing bangs. Longer bangs soften features and give adaptability to your haircut.

Undercut Choppy

Add an undercut to your choppy pixie for a bold, trendy appearance. Contrasting lengths can be elegant.

Asymmetrical Bangs

If this is your budget, you’re really sitting pretty in a city like NoLa.

Garden Style Home

Try asymmetrical bangs with shorter sides and longer sides. This creative pixie cut adds flair.

Textured Pixie: 

Highlights provide depth and texture to your choppy pixie.

Silver-Choppy Pixie: 

Choppy pixie cuts highlight silver or gray hair. This chic alternative can accentuate your distinctive beauty.

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