Costco Cancels Plans For New Location

almost the next decade, Costco plans to open almost two dozen new warehouses. Northwest Arkansas is currently excluded

Local news sites stated that Costco canceled a contract for a new Lowell, Ark. warehouse. Costco's motives for canceling the new facility

remain unknown. Costco terminated the deal late last week, according to the developer's CEO.

After two months, the Lowell location was canceled. In mid-May, Lowell Mayor Chris Moore confirmed that the store would establish

a warehouse at the southwest corner of Concord Street and Pleasant Grove Road, Axios reported.

The Lowell Costco would have been Northwest Arkansas' first and second. Lowell is over 200 miles from Little Rock,

the state's sole Costco. The Lowell Costco was also less than 12 miles from Sam's Club's Bentonville headquarters.

Northwest Arkansas Costco may still happen. Lindsey Management, which owns the land where Costco planned

build the new warehouse, told 5NEWS that Costco may return to Northwest Arkansas "in a year or so."

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