Burger King Launches New Meatless Cheeseburger

Fast food businesses are continuously striving to reinvent the burger. 

But Burger King's latest may be one of the most ridiculous fast-food innovations in recent years.

The burger chain's new Super Cheeseburger launched in Thailand this week and is making headlines worldwide. 

"The real one, real cheese, full of flavor for those who love cheese," the Burger King website reads.

Customers can customize their cheeseburger by adding a beef patty, veggies, or sauces to balance out the dairy richness. 

However, the cheeseburger appears less gooey than planned. The gooeyness you'd anticipate from a cheese sandwich isn't there with 20 barely-melted slices

On July 11, the sandwich went on sale till July 13. Many Thai TikTokers have visited Burger King to try and rate the burger.

The gigantic innovation hasn't thrilled all reviewers. @lymanmcgarry93 on TikTok termed it a "abomination.

Since Burger King's A1 Halloween Whopper, this meatless burger may be its biggest hit. Around Halloween 2015, the sandwich debuted in the US. 

Its black bun laced with A1 sauce was its major flaw. The colors in the bread caused the burger to turn people's stool green, according to specialists.

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