Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Straight-angled Bob: 

A classic straight-angled bob communicates sophistication and elegance. For a smooth finish

Wavy Textured

For a laid-back look, curl or wave your angled bob. Create beachy waves with a sea salt spray or curling iron or hot rollers.

Layered Bangs: 

Layering gives hair volume and movement, making an angled bob look fresh and energetic. Bangs frame the face and refresh it.

Choppy bobs

Choppy bobs with uneven ends are stylish and edgy. Point-cutting or razoring creates this disheveled style.

Angled Bob: 

The back of a stacked bob is shorter than the front. This stacks the crown, adding height and fullness.

Highlighted Bob: 

To add contrast and intrigue, use subtle face-framing highlights or brighter tones.

Curly-angled Bob: 

An angled bob hairstyle showcases curly or wavy hair. Curls give the style movement and a young look.

Side-Sweep Bob: 

Side-swept fringes with layered ends frame the face. This style can be informal or formal.

Angled Bob: 

Angled bobs look feminine with wispy ends. This style suits romantic, sensitive women.

Short-Angled Bob: 

A chin-length angled bob is shorter. This sleek, low-maintenance style looks fresh and trendy.

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