7 Flattering And Trending Hairstyles For Long Faces

Long Layers:

Adding long layers to your hair can create the illusion of width and volume around your face, balancing the length.

Side-Swept Bangs:

Side-swept bangs can shorten the appearance of your forehead and draw attention away from the length of your face.

Beachy Waves:

Soft, beachy waves add width and movement to your hair, complementing a long face shape beautifully.

Layered Bob:

A layered bob that falls around chin-length can frame your face and add fullness, making it an ideal choice.

Curtain Bangs:

Curtain bangs, which part in the center and frame the face on each side, can help soften a long face shape.

Volume on Top:

A pixie cut with volume on top can add height, creating the illusion of a shorter face.

Loose Updos:

Soft, loose updos that add width to the sides of your face are flattering for long face shapes.

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