10 V-Cut on Long Hair Ideas for That Trendy V Shape Look

Classic V-Cut:

Simple V-cut with V-shaped hair ends. This style suits straight or wavy hair.

V-Cut Layers:

To add texture and volume to the V-shaped hair, add layers.

V-Cut: Face-Framing Layers

Start with front-facing face-framing layers to enhance the V-cut.

Curtain Bangs V-Cut: 

The V-cut looks trendy with long, silky curtain bangs.

Balayage V-Cut:

Add depth and richness to V-shaped layers with balayage or ombre hair color.

Long Side Bangs:

V-cuts with long side-swept bangs frame the face elegantly.

Beach Waves V-Cut:

Beachy waves show off V-shaped layers.

Middle-Part V-Cut:

For symmetry and polish, part the hair in the middle.

Colorful V-Cut:

To emphasize the V-cut, choose bright hair colors like reds, purples, and blues.

Textured V-Cut:

Razor cutting hair ends adds texture and enhances the V-shaped look.

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