10 Prettiest Platinum Pixie Cuts for Cooler Blonde Crop

Original Platinum

A timeless and elegant platinum pixie cut that suits any skin tone.

Pixie with Bangs:

For a delicate, sophisticated appearance, add texture to your platinum pixie and sweep the bangs to the side.

Undercut Pixie

Platinum hair and an undercut are daring and edgy.

Messy Pixie: 

For a casual and fashionable style, embrace the sloppy look with tousled layers and a platinum tint.

Tapered Pixie

A tapered cut with shorter sides and longer top makes a versatile and trendy pixie.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs on your platinum pixie give you a stylish, young look.

Pixie Hawk:

Make a bold statement with a fake hawk on your platinum pixie.

Pixie's Slick Back:

Slick back your blonde hair for an elegant effect.

Platinum Choppy Pixie:

Choppy layers provide texture and movement to your platinum pixie.

Pixie Platinum:

Spike platinum hair for a fun, edgy look.

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