10 of the Healthiest Dog Breeds

Cattle Dog: 

Australian Cattle Dogs have few inherited health issues due to their robust health and endurance.

Border collie: 

Border Collies have strong vitality and athleticism, making them healthy when exercised and mentally stimulated.

Aussie Shepherd: 

Australian Shepherds, like Border Collies, are healthy when bred and cared for.


Beagles are healthy, but if not exercised and fed properly, they can become obese.

Siberian Husky: 

Huskies have strong constitutions and few breed-specific health concerns.


This old African breed is generally healthy.

Bichon Frise: 

Bichon Frises are healthy but need regular dental care.


Responsible breeding has helped Dalmatians avoid deafness and urinary difficulties.

Shorthaired Pointer: 

These athletic canines have minimal breed-specific health issues.


Vizslas are strong and healthy, but they need frequent exercise.

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