10 Modern Ways to Style Crimped Hair for older women

Semi-Crimped Ponytail:

Crimp your hair and pull the top half into a high ponytail, leaving the bottom half loose for a fashionable, effortless style.

Crimped Braids

Crimped hair gives fishtail and Dutch braids structure and volume.

Crimped Bun

For a creative updo, bun crimped hair high or low.

Crimped Bangs

Crimp your bangs for a chic accent.

Knotted Top:

A high top knot looks stylish and playful with crimped hair.

Space Buns:

Create adorable space buns with crimped hair.

Crimped Ponytail:

For a trendy look, crimp your hair and put it into a ponytail using scrunchies or ribbons.

Disorganized Waves:

Crimped hair makes chaotic waves for a laid-back look.

Crimped sideswept hair:

For a chic night out, sweep crimped hair to one side.

Mermaid Braid:

For a bohemian mermaid braid, crimp hair.

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