10 Feminine Pixie Cut Ideas for a Sweet New Look

Side-Sweep Pixie: 

Embrace your natural waves and sweep them to the side.

Deep-Side Pixie: 

A dramatic and elegant pixie cut requires a deep side part.

Balayage Highlighted

For a sun-kissed pixie, add balayage highlights.

Braided Crown Pixie:

For a lovely bohemian pixie, braid your hair into a crown.

Pastel-Ombre Pixie:

For a whimsical, feminine pixie cut, use pastel ombre colors.

fringed Pixie:

For a trendy pixie, sweep your fringe to the side.

Flower Pixie: 

Small floral decorations give your pixie a feminine look.


A cute pixie cut requires sideburns.

Micro-Bangs Pixie: 

Pixies with micro bangs seem trendy and cool.

Flowers Pixie:

For a creative pixie style, shave flowers or patterns.

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