10 Elegant White Nail Designs for any Special Occasion

Crystal Accents

Glamorize a white foundation with little crystal or gemstone accents.

Royal Damask

White damask patterns on a matte white base seem royal.

Floral Lace:

Romantic nail art with lace and white flowers.

Glitter gradient:

White glitter polish creates a stunning gradient.

Gold Scrolls:

For a lavish look, paint golden scrollwork over white.

Elegant Moons

Silver or gold polish crescent moon shapes at the cuticle over a white base.

Soft Ruffles:

Elegant white ruffles or wave patterns make feminine nail art.

Elegant quilted:

White lines can be quilted and embellished with pearls.

Gold Leaves: 

Elegantly paint delicate white leaves or greenery over a white foundation with golden highlights.

Romantic Roses

Romantic and timeless white rose designs on neutral or pastel backgrounds.

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