10 Cute Blonde Hairstyles with Highlights

Beachy Waves

Achieve a sun-kissed and effortless appearance with soft beachy waves and balayage highlights that integrate effortlessly with your base blonde hue.

Caramel Highlights:

Add warmth to blonde hair with caramel highlights.

Platinum Blonde

To modernize platinum blonde hair, add ash blonde highlights.

Face-Framing Highlights:

To brighten your features, add face-framing highlights to a lovely blonde bob.

Blonde Pixie:

With peek-a-boo highlights, a blonde pixie cut is fun.

Highlighted Blonde Hair:

Highlighting the "money piece" in front of blonde hair makes a powerful statement.

Blonde Braids

Highlight your braids to make them stand out.

Sombre Highlights:

A lob (long bob) with gloomy highlights can be appealing.

Chunky Highlights:

For bolder blonde hair highlights, try chunky ones.

Blonde Ponytail

10 Cute Blonde Hairstyles with Highlights

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