FAQs – Girls

Common Questions - Girls

What will 970 look like?
970 Lax will run outreach programs and multi-level clinics throughout the year. We will offer spring season game play and off-season clinics and programs. We anticipate being able to run more programs under our new partnership. Our non-profit arm will be focused on fundraising, equipment acquisition, outreach, and grant writing.

Who are the coaches and leaders?
Our program will continue to include our dedicated Havoc coaches, along with several new women who are excited to share their knowledge and love of the game this spring. CSU and RMHS players will also work closely with 970 Lax during clinics and as assistant coaches. One of our visions at 970 Lax is to closely align with the high school and college lacrosse programs in the area. Laura Fletcher, Net Meredith, Kelly Stansbury, and Danni Cox will be closely involved in overseeing the management of the girls’ side of 970 Lax, while Dom Alfieri will be overseeing the boys’ side.

Why AYL?
For our girls youth lacrosse program, Colorado Girls’ Lacrosse Association (CGLA) went through a lot of changes at the end of the 2019 spring season. Over the past few seasons, several clubs became increasingly dissatisfied with certain aspects of CGLA, and some of the CGLA Board resigned. Arapahoe Youth League (AYL), that in the past has had boys’ lacrosse programming, decided to add girls’ lacrosse for this coming spring. As a team on the outskirts of Denver, this left us in a very tough predicament. Initially we were planning on continuing on with CGLA, but as of late, we have had to change our decision. Most girls’ youth lacrosse teams in Colorado have moved to AYL which means we would be spending our weekends playing south of Denver, as most teams staying in CGLA were in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and New Mexico. These CGLA teams are also few in number, so we would most likely be playing the same teams multiple times and playing above or below our grade level/competitive level. Because of this we felt that joining AYL was our best option, as we’d only be traveling to Boulder, Broomfield, and Denver with potentially some home games. With this transition to AYL we feel this is a perfect time to rebrand and work together with a boys youth side.

What will the season look like?
AYL is in the midst of finalizing details for girls’ lacrosse. There will be some rule changes for number of field players at different levels, which we will let you know about ASAP, but overall things should look the same as usual. Most games will be in Denver, with the expectation that we have double headers. So, your daughter may have a weekend or two where she doesn’t have games because she’ll be playing two games when you do travel to Denver.

How do I register?
We will have a 970 Lax site up and ready for spring registration soon and will send out a notification email to alert you. If you are a Havoc family and have already registered your daughter for a winter clinic, she is good to go.
Winter Clinic Registration Link
Winter Scrimmage Registration Link

What will pricing look like?
Pricing will be similar to last year and over the years increase at a normal rate. Look forward to Early Bird Registration for Spring coming soon!!!

What is the plan for future spring seasons?
The plan is that we are not a part of AYL forever. By combining with a boys program as 970 Lax, our new image and AYL plan on working hard to grow the game in Northern Colorado so that in the near future, we will have enough clubs in our area to have our own Northern Colorado division, with supplemental games against AYL Denver teams, and a state championship where we play all CO teams.

I would like to be involved in 970 Lax. What can I do?
Great! We’d love to have you. Please continue to stay tuned for specific parent roles. As of now we need your support in registering your child for winter and/or spring lacrosse and helping to spread the word about how amazing the game of lacrosse is for our youth athletes!