If after reviewing our FAQ pages below you still have questions please reach out to one of our Program Directors below: Boys Youth Director: Josh Schwall @ josh@970lax.com Girls Youth Director: Celia Brand @ celia@970lax.com

Boy's FAQs

Boys Equipment: 

  • All Boys players that participate in any 970 Lax Clinics, Camps or Seasons must wear the following gear unless the program states otherwise.
    • Mouth Guard
    • Protective Cup
    • Helmet
    • Elbow Pads
    • Boys Lacrosse Stick
    • Shoulder Pads (Please visit HERE to see the updated chest protector rules that are in effect beginning January 1st, 2022)
    • Gloves
  • Programs that do not require equipment:
    • Strength & SAQ Clinics
    • Beginner Clinics


Boys Uniforms: 

  • Boys uniforms are not included in the registration price and must be purchased separately from the 970 Uniform Store when it is open.
    • If you missed the uniform store, another one may be opening soon otherwise, please reach out to 970 Lax about purchasing a uniform.
    • 970 Uniform Store can be found HERE


Boys Box Lacrosse Equipment: 

  • In Box Lacrosse, both male and female players all wear the same equipment consisting of the following:
    • Helmet
    • Gloves
    • Elbow Pads
    • Chest Guard (Please visit HERE to see the updated chest protector rules)
    • Athletic Shoes (no cleats unless venue says otherwise)
    • Mouth Guard
    • Boys Lacrosse Stick
    • Optional Equipment:
      • Rib Guards
      • Bicep Pads
      • Wrist Pads



  • 970 Lax is dedicated to providing opportunities for boys and girls in Northern Colorado to learn the game of lacrosse.  If for any reason cost is prohibiting your son or daughter from playing this amazing game please reach our to our Program Director, Domenic Alfieri, via email dom@970lax.com or cell 512-663-5031.
  • Sports Matter Registration Fee Assistance Program: Goal of this program is to help families by covering some costs for sports registration.  Please see the link for eligibility requirements and FAQ: https://www.sportsmatter.org/s/registration-fees-and-equipment



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