970 Uniform Store

Uniform Store Currently CLOSED

Due to delays in Manufacturing, we will be placing a single bulk order for all uniforms that players need for the Spring/Summer seasons. The Uniform Store will CLOSE on December 19th so that we can get the order in on December 20th. Uniforms should take between 8.5 - 10 weeks to be delivered after the store closes.


Below you will see that there are surveys for both the Boys and Girls uniforms. Please fill out the appropriate survey by clicking on either "Girls Uniforms" or "Boys Uniforms". After completing the survey, please send a Venmo payment to @noco970lax .


Please mark the checkboxes for the pieces that you need. Once you have finished selecting your items, please send the amount owed to @noco970lax on Venmo then submit your survey. If you would like a receipt, please add that in the comments of your payment on Venmo along with your email address so we can send you a receipt.


We will have some Uniform sizing days. Please stay tuned for when those will be if you think you will need that.